PRL has capacity to deploy ODC Trailers in bulk movement which shows the capacity & competence of PRL in completing project movements as per specific requirement of customers

Transportation of 38 vehicles in a single lot from M/s. Siemens Energy,

  • Ahmedabad to M/s. Adani, Dhamra Port, Odisha

Dispatches of 16 super ODC Low Bed & Semi Low Bed Trailers in single lot from Toshiba

  • Hyderabad to Baruipur 24 Pargana, West Bengal

Dispatches of bulk movement (45 ODC Trailers in single lot)

  • M/s. Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited from Chennai Port to prestigious Kalshwaram Lift Irrigation Project which is currently world’s largest multi-stage lift irrigation project

Transportation of 20 nos

  • ODC vehicles in a single day from M/s. KHS Machinery Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad to Mysore, Karnataka

Transportation of 12 nos

  • ODC vehicles in a single day from M/s. Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited Pune to Bharuch including 2 nos. Hydraulic Axels Size 34x20x17 ft. Wt. 60MT each

Transportation of 10 nos

  • ODC Transformers in s single day for Export Project

Transportation of 10 Nos

  • XCMG Excavators size 40x12x13 ft. wt. 52MT each in single lot from Chennai Port to Ramagundam

Transportation of 3 Nos

  • ruck Mounted Cranes in Low Bed Trailers in a day from Dudhola, HR to Tangaturu, AP size 44x8x15 ft. wt. 30MT each